Honda's most popular and successful mid-size SUV CR-V is Coming with a new hydrogen fuel cell variants.

This new hydrogen-powered CR-V will have two hydrogen tank with one lithium-ion battery pack.

This new Honda CR-V FCEV will be able to give a long combined range, and as well as it can go up to 29 miles on pure electric range.

The exterior and interior styling will likely to be the same as the gasoline powered CR-V, as above you can see in the image.

As well as its interior will get the same a touchscreen display with the latest infotainment system and connectivity Features.

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One of the notable thing about this new CR-V FCEV is that it will have an electric motor with a 17.4 kWh battery pack, means it will called FCEV Plug-in Hydrogen vehicle.

There are multiple advantage of a FCEV Vehicles, first of all, it doesn't take lots of time during refueling like an electric vehicles.

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For example- the FCEV vehicles can be refuel within the three to five minutes while pure electric vehicles take up to 45 minutes.

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