Honda has Revealed officially its all-new Prologue EV with a long electric range.

Honda has claimed that it will have 85.0 kWh battery pack that will be able to give a long electric range of up to 300 Miles on a single charge.

Along with this Honda has confirmed it has capability to take fast charging, and it can be charged 10-80% in less than 30 Minutes.

If we talk about its exterior and interior Design, As you can view its exterior that looks so classy and bold with its wide and large LED Headlights.

It interior has 11.3 inches touchscreen display and also a 11.0 inches digital guage cluster display to track the vehicle condition.

If we go inside its, its interior is so spacious and comfortable that anyone can sit comfortably without facing any kind of issues.

Apart from this, It will have AWD with more powerful 288 HP Motors that produces 333 lb-ft of torque to boost its acceleration.

It exact price is not declared yet officially, But it is likely that its price could start at around $50,000.