New Chevy Bolt EV is coming back with new battery pack and long range.

According to the General Motors CEO Marry Barra, the new Chevy Bolt EV Could be debut sometimes in 2024 with new look..

Currently Available Chevy Bolt will be discountinue after the end of this year. But General Motors CEO Marry Barra confirmed that it will return soon.

Marry Barra said that the next-generation Chevy Bolt Ev will be built on the new Ultium platform

As well as Marry confirmed that the next-gen Bolt EV will use Lithium ion phosphate battery pack.

By which you will be able to drive your new Bolt to the long electric range. the exact miles is not disclosed yet.

The GM is going to redesign its Bolt EV for 2025, so we can expect a new and more comfortable interior than the previous Generation.

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And inside its driver cabin you will be able to see new infotainment screen with more connectivity features.

The Price of the new Bolt EV is not desclosed yet, But it has been confirmed that it will be available in the end of 2024.

By EVsBuzz Team

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