Mercedes has revealed its new AMG C63 SE Performance model for 2024 with new exterior and interior Design.

Mercedes has refresh it for the 2024 Model year with new Front-end styling, New exterior colors options, and some other changes.

As we know the Mercedes Benz AMG C63 SE Performance is a high performance Four Coupe sedan that gives the best performance and power.

Along with front end styling, its rear end is also so impressive and attractive with its long taillights and upper hip.

If we talk about what's under its hood. Under its hood, a powerful 4.0-liter turbocharged V8 Engine is avaialble that produce enough power.

Its Powerful V8 Engine produces 831 Horsepower and 1033 pound-feet of Torque, so you can imagine how powerful it will be.

With its powerful powertrain, it is expected that it will give the excellent acceleration and can hit 0-62 MPH speed in less than 2.9 seconds.

If we talk about its pricing, Officialy its pricing is not disclosed yet, but its likely to start at around $218,686.