As we know Toyota Crown is all-new Full-size Sedan of the Toyota Motors launched for 2023 Model with a bold and impressive exterior style.

It has an amazing and impressive exterior Design with a sharp front bonnet and wide and large grille, that's why it has become a succesful Sedan.

After it unbelieveable success, Toyota is going to launch its next model year for the 2024 Model year. That will be even more better and last year.

Its sport exterior looks and spacious and luxurious interior make it more special for youngesters and also it offers a wide range of features.

For example- it comes with a larger 12.3 inches infotainment touchscreen display with wirelessly connected Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

If we talk about its interior, its interior is more comfortable and spacious to sit comfortably without facing any kind of issues and also you get a panoramic sunroof.

In terms of power and performance, it also powered by a 340 HP hybrid powertrain that gives the best performance and acceleration.

The new Toyota Crown price is likely to start at around $42,000 for its base trim including charges.