2026 Lexus UX 300h: What We Know So Far

Lexus is one of the top luxury car automakers that makes luxury SUVs, Cars, and other vehicles. The 2026 Lexus UX 300h is a luxury subcompact hybrid SUV that looks great and attractive. Its large scary grille gives it an extra amazing front look.

Lexus’s parent company is Toyota, Toyota is one of the top automakers in the whole world. Toyota has launched its subsidiary company Lexus to build luxury cars and SUVs. Last year Lexus changed some notable things in UX hybrid models for the 2025 Model year including its name badge.

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For example- The 2024 Lexus UX was known as the UX 250h, and Lexus has replaced its 250h with 300h, so this SUV is known as the Lexus UX 300h hybrid from the 2025 Model year. As well as Lexus has upgraded its powertrain and now its powertrain produces more power than the previous 2024 Model year. The New Lexus UX 300h 2026 produces 191 horsepower.

What’s New For 2026

2026 Lexus UX 300h Hybrid (2)

The Lexus has made some notable changes for the Previous model year, that’s why there is no expectation that once again the company will make any big changes for the 2026 Model year. We hope Lexus will carry forward it from the 2025 to 2026 model year without making any significant changes. However, if the company made any major changes for 2026, we will update here.

2026 Lexus UX Release Date

The Release date of the next UX hybrid SUV is still a mystery. Recently the company has launched it for the 2025 Model year in early 2024, and we know there is no expectation to get any major changes for 2026, therefore, we hope that it can make its debut by the end of this year for the 2026 Model year.

2026 Lexus UX Pricing and Trims

2026 Lexus UX 300h Hybrid image

The Company offers four trims with the Lexus UX Hybrid SUV, but its every trim has FWD and AWD configurations, so at the end, you will get to see eight trims configurations including AWD drivetrains. The Price of the Lexus UX starts at $37,490 for the base UX 300h FWD trim for the 2025 Model year, so we can expect that its price could start at around $38,000 for the 2026 Model year. Here we have given the estimated pricing for the 2026 UX hybrid SUV below in the table:

Trims NamePricing
UX 300h FWD$38,000
UX 300h AWD$39,500
UX 300h Premium FWD$41,000
UX 300h Premium AWD$43,000
UX 300h F Sport Design FWD$42,000
UX 300h F Sport Design AWD$43,500
UX 300h F Sport Handling FWD$46,500
UX 300h F Sport Handling AWD$48,000