Lexus Planning to Introduce All-New RZ F High-Performance EV

Lexus has registered the trademark for the “Lexus RZ F”. The registration of a trademark by the automaker indicates the new Lexus RZ F model is on the way for the future. While Officially Lexus has not claimed about the upcoming Lexus RZ F. However, after the registering trademark of the RZ F, it is assumed that Lexus could introduce its all-new Lexus RZ F which could be known as the Lexus RZ high-performance electric Vehicle.

According to the leading automotive news website CarBuzz, They have searched the Lexus RZ F Trademark from the European Intellectual Property Office. So after searching this new Trademark, it is expected that Lexus is going to expand its existing Lexus RZ EV with high-performance EV.

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New Lexus RZ F side view image

However, Already this year Lexus has introduced the performance variants of the Lexus RZ Models at the Tokyo Auto Show. Ford has introduced the Lexus RZ 450e F Sport Performance whose production is limited to just 100 units and only for the Japanese Automotive market.

Let us tell you that the Lexus RZ is one of the most popular all-electric SUV which is currently available in the market with a long electric range. And it is also expected that this new Lexus RZ F Model will be also capable of giving a longer electric range than the regular RZ EV Models.

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New Lexus RZ F EV Image

However, as of now, the Company has officially not disclosed any kind of information regarding its release date, pricing, model, and other things. But according to the expectation and other automotive news sources, it is likely that it will get a more powerful electric powertrain with dual or triple electric motor to give more power and performance.

And we know that the Lexus is a subsidiary company of the Toyota. Toyota has built is for luxurious and sporty SUVs and cars. Lexus is known for its luxurious and premium cars and vehicles. So we hope to see a more luxurious and comfortable interior with new RZ F Models.