Official: The 2025 BMW Z4 Unveiled with Handschalter Package

The BMW’s most powerful convertible Sport car the 2025 BMW Z4 has been unveiled officially with the Handschalter package. The BMW Z4 is one of the top performance sports car in this segment. It competes with te Chevrolet Corvette, Porsche Cayenne, Toyota GR Supra, and More.

Now recently BMW has introduced it for the new 2025 Model year, and introduced the new Handschalter package that includes the new manual transmission. This means the upcoming 2025 BMW Z4 will have the option to choose a six-speed manual transmission with a dynamics chassis.

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New 2025 BMW Z4 Image

The Company has said that this new Handschalter package will improve its performance to the next level including the new driving experience with 19/20″ wheels. As well as the Company has also refreshed its exterior styling with new designs and improvements. So this new BMW Z4 2025 will look so impressive and eye-catching.

As with this, the pricing of the new BMW Z4 will also likely rise. According to the report the pricing of the new 2025 BMW Z4 could start at around $55,000 for its base model which could vary according to trim and options.

New 2025 BMW Z4 Image (2)

In terms of interior space and luxury, It is likely that it will have a more luxurious and comfortable interior than the previous model year. This new BMW Z4 has already high-quality interior materials with premium cloths. Along with this, you could get more interior features as standard and optional.

As the BMW is adding an available manual transmission in the new BMW Z4, so it is expected that this will give the best performance and acceleration than ever before. According to BMW, BMW says that this new six-speed manual transmission could be able to hit 0-60 MPH in just 4.2 seconds and can go up to a top speed of 155 MPH, but the car expert is expected to beat this number in a real test drive.

Let’s talk about the pricing of this new Handschalter package. BMW has confirmed that the price of this new Package will be $3,500. And this package will include unique suspension tuning, new wheels, paint colors, and trims. When we talk about its availability, the BMW has officially confirmed that it will be available in March of 2024.