The 2026 Honda 0 Series EV is Confirmed officially

Honda has announced to launch of its new upcoming zero-emission cars. Honda has confirmed it in the Las Vegas consumer electronic show. The first of these new upcoming EVs is called Honda 0 Series which will be available by 2026.

Honda has confirmed that The new Honda Zero Series will also have the Honda “H” logo as part of the Company. As well as Honda has also said that they are going to invest $40 billion to create new EVs. Honda is planning to launch its 30 EVs by 2030, and it is planning to produce only zero-emission vehicles in the majority market by 2040.

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Honda has released some exterior and interior images of the next Honda Zero Series. According to those images, it seems that the next 2026 Honda 0 Series will have a sporty, thin, and light exterior style. It will have a sloping roofline.

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Its exterior will be amazing and impressive with lower ground clearance to give the sporty feel. Inside it, you will get a premium and luxurious interior. Its second row will have two bench seats that face each other. There is no shortage of interior space. It will have a larger panoramic sunroof.

Its new Honda Zero Series will have next-generation futuristic features and specifications inside and outside. First of all, it will have a retractable steering wheel that could emerge from the dashboard when needed.

As well as it will also have more advanced driver assistance features to protect the drivers and passengers from any accidents. This Driver assistance feature will be based on the Honda Sensing system. So we hope that it will have more standard and optional driver assistance and safety features.

However, as of now, more information about its specs, range, battery, and charging is not disclosed by the company. But we will return soon when the Company releases anything new for Honda Zero Series electric cars.