2024 Chevrolet Colorado Price Hike by $400 than 2023

Chevrolet has launched its Colorado for the 2024 model year with the new pricing. The Chevrolet has not made any notable major changes for the 2024 Model year and carries over its Colorado from 2023 to 2024. The Next Chevrolet Colorado is also on the way for 2025, which will make its debut soon.

Let me tell you that the price of the 2023 Chevrolet Colorado started at $30,695 for its base 2WD WT Model, and now this model price starts at $31,095 for the 2024 Model year, Means Chevrolet has raised $400 than the previous model Year.

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2024 Chevrolet Colorado rear image

As its Base 2WD WT Model, its other models like LT, Trail Boss, and Z71 Pricing also raised by $400 compared to the previous model. The top Model ZR2 Price also raised by just $100 for 2024. Here we have given the price of the Chevrolet Colorado for both 2023, and 2024 below in the table.

Models Name2023 MY Pricing2024 MY Pricing
WT 2WD$30,695$31,095
LT 2WD$33,095$33,495
Trail Boss 4WD$38,495$38,895
Z71 4WD$41,395$41,795
ZR2 4WD$48,295$48,395

The Chevrolet Colorado is one of the best and top mid-size pickup trucks that is also the market leader in this segment. It ranks in first position in the mid-size pickup truck segment. For example- Its rivals like Toyota Tacoma, GMC Canyon, Honda Ridgeline, Jeep Gladiator, and Nissan Frontier rank after the Chevrolet Colorado.

2024 Chevy Colorado image

Along with this, the New Chevrolet Colorado price has absolutely increased but even now it is more affordable than its rivals, and also it gives good performance, and power. That’s why it is the heart of mid-size pickup truck lovers.

The Price of the new 2024 Chevrolet Colorado starts at $31,095 for its base model, while its rivals’ Toyota Tacoma Price starts at $32,995, GMC Canyon Price starts at $37,595, Honda Ridgeline Price starts at $41,145, and Jeep Gladiator price starts at $41,000. So this new Chevy Colorado is even best in class.