Upcoming Volkswagen Models will Come with ChatGPT

World’s largest and number one automaker Volkswagen has claimed that they are putting chatGPT in their upcoming car models such as ID Models, Tiguan, Passat, and Golf. As we know last year ChatGPT made its debut and broke all records in the world of AI. It is the King of the AI world.

Now it is on the way to dominate the vehicles worlds in AI. ChatGPT has spread like air in 2023, and it has gained millions of users an hour. Recently Volkswagen has confirmed that they are going to put ChatGPT in their upcoming models like ID, Tiguan, Golf, and Passat.

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Upcoming Volkswagen Models will have ChatGPT

But also Volkswagen has confirmed that ChatGPT will not affect any existing features and specifications of the vehicles including IDA. They said chatGPT will work as a backup assistance when your IDA is not able to give a clear answer. This means now you can ask random questions from your ID.7, and then ChatGPT will give you a clear answer of your questions.

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Volkswagen has also said clearly that ChatGPT will not access your personal and vehicle data, so don’t worry about that ChatGPT will spread your data to global AI. As far as security goes, Volkswagen has confirmed that Your vehicle data is safe, and along with this, your all-asked questions will be deleted immediately.

Volkswagen will be the first automaker in the world that will implement such features in their vehicles. According to a report, a Volkswagen Spokesperson said to Motor1 that the ChatGPT will launch firstly in Europe in the second quarter of 2024. If we talk about the United States, currently it is going through an approval process for the United States, and after that it could be launched in the United States.