BMW Revealed its i5 Touring For The 2025 Model Year With More Impressive Styling

BMW has revealed its new 2025 BMW i5 fully electric SUV with the new refreshed exterior style and luxurious and spacious interior. But as of now, it is not available to order or not available at the dealership. But BMWBlog has confirmed that it becomes available at the dealership on the 27th May of this year.

We hope you know that it is an all-new nameplate in the BMW lineup which is launched first time in the BMW lineup in the 2023 as the first generation first model year as 2024MY. And now, BMW has revealed it for 2025 as the second model year of the first generation i5 EV.

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2025 BMW i5 Touring rear image

You should know that there is multiple new notable changes has been made by the company in its 2025 BMW i5 electric SUV. First of all, when you see the new BMW i5 2025’s front, you will notice that the Company has improved its grille and headlights than the previous model year.

As well as you will notice some important changes in its rear taillights with larger and horizontal taillights. Inside it, you will get a larger touchscreen display with more high-tech features such as hands-free driving mode up to 85 MPH. Apart from this, one of the top improvements in the new 2025 BMW i5 is in its size. This new BMW i5 is longer and wider than the previous model year. Also, it has a longer wheelbase than the previous year.

2025 BMW i5 Touring image

Plenty of Interior Space For Passengers, and Cargo

So after getting the longer wheelbase, and wider body, you will get more interior space and cargo space to carry your suitcases and bags. Inside it, it will have a five-passenger seating capacity including two-rows. But now, there won’t be a shortage of interior space for legroom or headroom.

Here we have given its newly released interior image of the BMW i5, and you can see that its rear seats are foldable, you can fold its rear seats according to your need. Like when you need more cargo space and you won’t have passengers in the rear seats, then you can fold it, and carry your bags, suitcases, plants, and others.

2025 BMW i5 Touring cargo image

Luxurious Interior and High-Tech Premium Features

Luxurious Interior and High-Tech Premium Features

The BMW i5 is a part of the most iconic BMW 5-series, and BMW already offers a premium and luxurious interior with this SUV. However, BMW has give the BMW latest BMW operating SYstem 8.5. And as above you can see that it will have a larger curved 14.9-inch touchscreen display with a 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster display.

Apart from this, you will get more connectivity and interior features. First of all, you will get ambient interior lighting that will impress you in the night. As well as BMW offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to connect your smartphone to the vehicle, and we hope that it will also have a wireless Smartphone charger, a premium sound system, and more. And as you see it has high-quality interior materials.

Long Range and Quick Acceleration from its Powerful Powertrain

This new BMW i5 is offered in three different trim configurations including the eDrive40, xDrive40, and M60 xDrive. Its base model eDrive40 is paired with a rear-mounted electric motor that produces 335 HP and 317 lb-ft of Torque, and this is able to give a long electric range of up to 348 miles and this can hit 0-62 MPH speed in just 6.1 seconds. While the xDrive40 trim is paired with two electric motors that make 389 HP combined, and it is an all-wheel drivetrain.

If you like more power and performance, then you should choose the top M60 xDrive model which produces up to 593 Horsepower and 605 pound-feet of Torque, and this powerful model is capable of hitting 0-62 MPH in just 3.9 seconds. But this model will give an electric range of 314 miles on a single full charge.